My Review Keto Coffee – Review – It Works Keto Coffee

My Review of Keto Coffee  – Review of It Works Keto Coffee

Before I start my review of the it works keto coffee, I want to give you some background information. Let me start by reminding everyone that I’m a type 1 diabetic, so being completely keto in my lifestyle would be dangerous.  However, I’ve maintained a pretty low carb lifestyle for a few years.  The reason for my low carb lifestyle (instead of keto) are to:

  • avoid diabetic complications, high sugar levels cause most all of the diabetic complications, I saw my dad have a quadruple bypass and rehab and I don’t want to go through that just because I like carbs.
  • I like to take only a few units of insulin a day, because I don’t like my sugars bouncing around, I’d rather only need 1-2 units at at time, which means 15-30g of carbs in a sitting.
  • I feel like carbs stick to my body.  When I eat fewer carbs, I feel lighter.  (this if of course a personal preference)

My husband is living the keto life and he has lost over 20 pounds, so if you want to discuss that, feel free to message me on Facebook.

My review of it works keto coffee

Back to the review of keto coffee, specifically the review of the it works keto coffee.  Prior to starting the keto coffee, I was stuck at the same weight.  I worked out regularly (because I like working out), I ate my low carb ish lifestyle and nothing really wanted to change.  I tried tracking my calories on a calorie tracking app, without any real change (AND I WAS CUTTING CALORIES).  Also, I don’t like being hungry.  So when the it works keto coffee came along, I thought, what do I have to lose??

Benefits of the It Works Keto Coffee

  • It’s a fast & easy breakfast.  I swapped out my 2 eggs for the coffee.  I also sometimes add the it works chocolate greens, but I talk about the greens in a separate post.
  • It keeps me full.  I drink it first thing in the morning and it usually keeps me full until lunch.  If for some reason I’m hungry earlier (like i worked out in the morning), then of course I eat.  I don’t believe in being hungry.
  • I’ve lost 6 pounds in 3 months!!!
  • I like the flavor, it tastes like a latter by itself.  If I add the chocolate greens, it tastes like a mocha.
  • You don’t have to be on a keto diet to reap the benefits.
  • My nails and hair seem stronger.  (it has collagen, so this may be in my head:))
  • It’s instant coffee, just mix with water.  No waiting for the coffee to brew.
  • It’s an auto ship (which I love, because I order 60 packets

Downfalls of the It Works Keto Coffee

  • It’s tough to mix into cold water without a stirring stick.  It mixes pretty great into hot water without a stir stick.
  • It tastes a little buttery (which I like, but I know my husband commented on it).
  • It’s an auto ship, which I like, but some people don’t.
  • It’s not for you if you have heart disease.

What else can I tell you?? I’m loving my continuing weight loss.

Here’s the link for the keto coffee, if you decide to give it a try!!  One note, if you decide to give it a real trial (3 months), sign up as a loyal customer and you’ll get 40% off retail!!

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  • Ella George

    Looking to hear from you, for healthy snack eating

    • Charlie Allred

      Always think of protein first:) I reach to nuts, cottage cheese, cheese, meats, protein shakes, or veggies. Basically most foods that have very little carbs.

  • Ella George

    Thank ypu

  • Kathy Jones

    Why is it not good for you if you have heart disease. I just had quadruple by-pass so I shouldn’t drink it??

    • Charlie Allred

      It contains fats that most cardiologists wouldn’t recommend. I can recommend other weight loss products though:)

  • Jenni

    Is it ok to drink the keto coffee in AM then take my metformin? Andthen i snack after 3 hrs cuz i get hungry. Thanku for the advise! By the way im type 2 diabetic

    • Charlie Allred

      Yes, I don’t see why not. Although I’m not a doctor, so I’d say keep checking your sugars to make sure your metformin doesn’t drop your blood sugar too low:)

    • Charlie Allred

      I’d say maybe, I’m definitely not a doctor. The metformin may not be needed because the coffee doesn’t contain any carbs. But, check your blood sugar to determine if your sugars need to come down and then monitor your sugar levels.

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