My Review of It Works Greens Powder

My Review of It Works Greens Powder

I was skeptical about sharing this type of product, so many people are trying to sell diabetics junk products all the time.  By no means am I saying, this cures diabetes or anything crazy like that.  I am saying that it gives me energy, feels good to drink right in the morning so I know I’m getting vitamins and the hydration my body needs.

After saying all that, here are some quick facts on these greens.

Benefits of the It Works Greens

  • I drink them everyday, (well for the last 4 years or so) I personally like the berry flavor. It’s especially good in herbal tea (but that is a recent thing for me, usually I mix with water)
  • They also make orange & chocolate flavor (which is new & my kids love in water as hot chocolate or in a shake)
  • Sometimes I have another serving in the afternoon if I’m feeling sluggish, which I’m about to go grab:)
  • I have them shipped to my house every month
  • My husband also drinks them, so I order the large size
  • I earn points for my orders, so then I order other products to try them out
  • I’ve tried a bunch of green drinks, most have a ton of sugar or if they don’t have sugar they taste TERRIBLE.
  • This one tastes good, my kiddos will even drink it:)

Downfall of the It Works Greens

  • They are a gentle daily detox, so you may have to use the restroom.
  • Sometimes at the end of a beverage, some are left at the bottom of my water or tea.
  • The chocolate takes a little more mixing than the berry or orange

If you are looking for a great greens to drink, give this one a try:)  If you decide to give the greens a real trial period (3 months), you’ll get 40% off, it’s the loyal customer discount!!

My Review of It Works Greens Powder

Here’s the link for the Greens. 





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  • Lamzalo

    You can also sneak them into baked goods or a pancake recipe to add a nice, sneaky boost of vitamins and minerals! Rounder says. Add a serving of greens powder daily for a boost of nutrients, but don t forget the kale salad, too.

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