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So, what can you expect from the Healthy Diabetic?

Tons of resources to help you live your healthiest: low carb recipes is the top priority, diabetic hacks (tips & tricks to keeping your sugar levels low) & recommended products that have been helpful to other diabetics.  The Healthy Diabetic believes in eating  low carb meals to keep your sugar levels as low as possible. Most of the complications from diabetes happen from extended periods of high sugar levels, so why not keep your sugars as low as possible?

So, who is the The Healthy Diabetic?

The Healthy Diabetic is me, Charlie Allred, I’ve been diabetic for the past 18 years, so all my tips & tricks have been learned from trial and error.  I believe in living a low carb life.  I cook low carb meals for my whole family!! I know, it sounds crazy, but my husband & I eat low carb and then we offer the kids a healthy carb with their meals.

My father is a type 1 diabetic, so I’ve seen many of the complications including the hardened arteries (he had a quadruple bypass surgery about 12 years ago),  he regularly gets his eyes layered because his retinas are bleeding and he has high blood pressure.

What does it mean to live as a “healthy diabetic”?


  • Low Carb Recipes (link), all meant to keep your sugars low.  (I cook most of these meals for my whole family)
  • All easy recipes (I’m not a chef, just a Mom cook)
  • Most recipes use the same staple ingredients to make life easy

Favorite Diabetes Products

  • Products I use or have found useful (link)
  • I’ve checked around for the most reasonably priced version (that is still good)
  • If you have a favorite diabetic product, just use the contact me tab & let me know.

Diabetic Grocery Shopping List

Take Action

  • We currently have 2 Diabetic Challenges you can join (link)
    • 1 Day Diabetic Challenge includes one full day of recipes, grocery shopping and tips to live your first day LOW CARB:)
    • 21 Day Breakfast Challenge includes breakfast recipes that can be made in batches and eaten right out of the refrigerator, so you can grab and go and still eat low carb!!

Join Our Facebook Group

  • Ask questions of other diabetics (link)
  • See recipes, tips & tricks
  • Diabetes Support to live your healthiest

Blood Sugar Hacks (the book)

  • Gain a new perspective on managing your diabetes
  • Tips & tricks (hacks) I’ve learned over the past 15 years to keep my sugar levels stable
  • Link to the book

11 Diabetic Friendly Snacks

To Simplify Being Healthy On The Go..

There's no reason to feel deprived as a diabetic. Grab your 11 Grab and Go Snack ideas that will make snacking enjoyable again!

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