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Charlie Allred


Founder, Healthy Diabetic

The Healthy Diabetic is a proposed non-profit dedicated to helping diabetics live their healthiest life.

The goal of the Healthy Diabetic is to see diabetes as a blessing!!

Usually when I say:
“I am blessed to have diabetes!”, most people are like “what are you talking about???”
Diabetes is a blessing
Let me explain… i was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 22, I had finished college & played softball at a division 1 school, I had my first real job & I was having low back pain.
My doctor (a random primary care doctor), thought I had a kidney infection, after a billion tests. He bluntly told me:
“You have diabetes, this means a shorter lifespan…”
Right then, I stopped listening. I couldn’t believe this doctor just told a “healthy” 22 year old girl this.
Long story short, I’m a diabetic. I didn’t always know exactly how to take care of myself. I went through 3 endocrinologists before I found my favorite, Dr. Block, he was 60 years old or so and very fast, very great & he sent notes with my results in the mail. Loved him!! & then retired, ugh. I found a new doctor, mostly because he was fast.
I’ve been living with diabetes for 13 years now. I have twin daughters that are almost 5 years old. A completely healthy pregnancy with an a1c of 5.5-5.8. That is when I really learned what being a diligent diabetic meant.

The Healthy Diabetic

I checked my sugars before & after every meal (about 8-9 times a day) & I took insulin to adjust every time I checked my sugars, yes likely 6 shots a day easily (some were only 1 unit). Sounds miserable, right?
Actually, it was wonderful, I became a much better diabetic (this is hindsight). I have learned some tricks and tips along the way & my goal is to help other diabetics realize they too can live a healthy life.
& for those diabetics to help other diabetics.
Yes, it’s more work than a non-diabetic life, but that builds character. Diabetes is a blessing: I’m blessed everyday because I have to check my sugars, I’m blessed because my sugar levels help me choose healthier foods, I’m blessed because without diabetes I doubt I would make it to a workout 4-5 times a week. I would absolutely skip because it’s easier.

How Can Healthy Diabetics Help You?

The Healthy Diabetic is here to help you live your healthiest life.

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