My Review – Portable Insulin Case – ONEGenug Portable Insulin Cooler Bag Epipen case

My Review of the ONEGenug Portable Insulin Case

I live in Arizona, so I’m used to my insulin pens going bad, especially in the summer!! It’s pretty much the worst to pay a bunch of money for the insulin, then have it go bad and it usually takes me about a day to figure out it’s gone bad, so I’m walking around with high sugar levels wondering why they aren’t going down:(  So I decided to take the plunge and look for a cooled insulin pouch, because there are certain circumstances when I need my insulin and it’s hot outside, like the beach or pool.  So here’s my review of the OneGenug Portable Insulin Case:)

Benefits of the OneGenug Portable Insulin Case

  • You put it in the freezer and it claims it will keep cold for 2 days.  I’m not sure if this is the case, but definitely keeps cool for the day of use:)
  • It’s not super bulky, it has 2 ice packs that fit on each side and insulin goes in the middle section.
  • It has a place that holds the insulin in place nicely in the center of the pouch.
  • I like throwing it in my bag and knowing I have my insulin and it’s safe
  • This portable insulin case was the least expensive one I found and I like it!!  It was $12, so I thought that was a solid investment to save my insulin.

Downfalls of the OneGenug Portable Insulin Case

  • I wish it was a little smaller, I know I said it’s not too bulky and it’s not.  But, it’s a little large to throw in my purse.
  • The instructions say to put the cold packs in the refrigerator, which isn’t the case.  They need to be frozen.
  • I wish they had other colors, I like the blue striped look, but I kinda wish it was pink and green:) (this is totally a stretch because I love the portable insulin case, but really, it could be cuter)

Here’s what the portable insulin case looks like

My Review of the OneGenug Portable Insulin Case

Heres the link for the OneGenug Portable Insulin Case


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