My review of ReliOn Blood Glucose Test Strips – Cheap Blood Glucose Test Strips

My Review of ReliOn Blood Glucose Test Strips – Cheap Blood Glucose Test Strips

Cheap Blood Glucose Test Strips

Recently (about 2 months ago, now) I was mailed my normal blood glucose test strips and guess what they charged me?? It was for 3 months of blood glucose test strips, they charged me $425 for 3 months worth!! That’s why I wrote my review of the ReliOn Blood Glucose Test strips.  I ended up finding these cheap blood glucose test strips.

I was beyond mad, they hadn’t told me that’s how much they would cost and previously they had been $150.

Of course, this was a huge jump in price and when I called my mail order pharmacy they acted like it was no big deal and then they eventually offered to return them.  The return took over 1.5 months!! Sorry for the rant, but it’s infuriating that a product that I can’t live without is so expensive.

The point of my story was that I was forced to find a better option for my blood glucose test strips.  That’s when I started googling prices with my insurance.  But, here is the best part, I found these ReliOn test strips at Walmart for $9 for 50 test strips.  (I’m including links to amazon because they sell them too, but if you have a Walmart near you, they are SUPER CHEAP and that’s without any insurance).

I was practically jumping for joy when I found these test strips.  I can buy one month’s worth for $27!! I mean, I don’t know how I didn’t know about these before!?

As for my review of the ReliOn blood glucose test strips, they are a huge success:)  Here are a few reasons I love them!!

  • $9 for 50 test strips
  • Which means $27 for a whole months’ worth!!
  • My nearby Walmart sells them, which makes my life easy.
  • I can even order them to have ready for store pickup.
  • They seem to require less blood than my brand name blood glucose test strips I was using previously.
  • No health insurance, no problem, these blood glucose test strips don’t require insurance. I don’t have to deal with my insurance to get these prices.
  • I tested using the ReliOn strips and my brand name ones and the results were very close.  You know that testing is accurate only up to 10%, so I’ll say these strips are great!!

If you can’t tell, I’m over the moon about saving money on my blood glucose test strips!! I’m more than thrilled and I wish I would have known sooner.

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