Diabetic Tacos – Tacos for Diabetes 3 Ways

Diabetic Tacos – Tacos for Diabetes 3 Ways – 3 Diabetic Taco Recipes

Diabetic Tacos - 3 ways
I’m not sure about you, but on Tuesdays, we are having tacos at our house:) Of course, it’s taco Tuesday!! Diabetic tacos seem to be a tough subject because of course tacos include tortillas, which are carb filled.  However, they don’t have to be carb filled, I have 3 recipes and maybe a bonus that you’ll love too!!

At first, I started by only eating one taco on a corn tortilla, then eating more of the insides of another taco, but avoiding another tortilla.  Then I realized, I could make a taco bowl.  Let’s say you go to your favorite Mexican restaurant, of course a bowl would include rice and beans under your meats, and other toppings.  But, you don’t have to include the rice and beans.

Turkey Taco Bowls

There are tons of options as the base of the taco bowl.  My fave base layers of the bowl include:

  • iceberg lettuce shredded
  • fajita veggies (this is my fave if I’m willing to cook the veggies up)
  • Mexican cauliflower rice (I have a super simple recipe for this one)
  • Brussel sprouts (sounds weird right!? But that’s what I love under my green chile chicken recipe)

Those are my faves, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use any other veggie you like!!  The options are really endless, basically use a veggie as the base of your taco bowl. The recipe includes ground turkey, which is the easiest recipe ever!! So delish!!

Diabetic Tacos

Here’s my Taco Bowl Recipe or you can click the title above

Slow Cooker Green Chile Chicken 

This chicken is so easy, delicious and you can make it to your spice level.  I LOVE slow cooker recipes because I can put the chicken in and forget about it and by dinner it’s juicy and ready to serve:)

brussel spout taco bowl recipe

I served the chicken with roasted brussel sprouts (SO YUM)!! I added avocado and tomatoes because that’s what I had and they are some of my favorite veggies.  You could add whatever veggies you like.  The other option is adding a sturdy veggie to the slow cooker toward the end of the recipe, you could add cauliflower or broccoli and it would get the green chile flavor.

Green chile chicken brussel sprout taco bowl recipe

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken Recipe

This recipe is just as easy as the green chile chicken recipe, but it’s a red based salsa and I topped it a little differently:)

Slow cooker chicken for diabetics

I used my favorite iceberg shredded lettuce on the bottom and made this one more of a salad, but again you could use the cauliflower rice on the bottom or any of my other suggestions.  Or you can choose your own favorite veggies:)  I tend to stick to the same few veggies just because it’s routine.

BONUS: Low Carb Enchilada Casserole Recipe

Low Carb Enchiladas Casserole recipe

This one isn’t a taco, but it has the similar flavors, green chile, taco meat, cheeses.. oh it’s heaven!! I use zucchini sliced super thin to make this casserole that is one of my family’s favorite recipes!!

2nd BONUS: Mexican Cauliflower Rice

Diabetic Rice Mexican Rice Cauliflower Rice

Diabetic Rice: Mexican Rice

Once you make this cauliflower rice, we will be best friends forever!! It’s so good!! I actually serviced it to my parents who are the pickiest eaters ever and they had no idea it was cauliflower! I was so proud of myself:)



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