What Does it Mean to Live As a Healthy Diabetic?

Of course I have blood sugar goals.  But, I think it all starts with the food we put in our bodies.

Being a healthy diabetic is eating real foods (clean eating).  Real foods are lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  My goal is to not eat much processed foods.  Processed foods are foods that come in a box.  I buy some gluten free crackers made from seeds & nuts. I really like the crunch master brand.

I have noticed over the years that when I eat bread, pasta, crackers and other processed carbs, my sugars spike and then fall drastically.  This cycle creates a sluggish feeling for me.  When I feel sluggish, I’m less likely to workout, I’m less likely to make a healthy dinner.  It’s a vicious cycle and I do my best to stay of this sluggish unproductive cycle.

I’m all about feeling good.  So I eat to feel good.  Mostly healthy clean eating food.

The Healthy Diabetic focuses on low carb recipes to keep your sugar levels as low as possible.  Diabetic complications happen with long periods of high sugar levels.

I love to workout in the mornings, it helps me feel good all day.  Puts me in a position to be my most productive self.  My brain is functioning, I feel good and then it helps me crave healthier foods.

A couple quick start resources:

Link: Healthy Diabetic Pantry Staples

Link: Check our recipes:) 

11 Diabetic Friendly Snacks

To Simplify Being Healthy On The Go..

There's no reason to feel deprived as a diabetic. Grab your 11 Grab and Go Snack ideas that will make snacking enjoyable again!

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