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My Diabetic Pantry Ingredients

This list are the basic diabetic spices I cook with all the time.  These are my constant ingredients.  I may add spice with hot sauce or cheese or other ingredients.  My goal is to add protein and vegetables to these spices to create new flavors using the minimal ingredients.

Avocado Oil

Garlic powder, granulated garlic or tube garlic (it’s in the produce section)

Onion Powder or granulated onion

Italian Seasoning

Chili Powder

Dijon Mustard

Diabetic Pantry IngredientsPictured for a chicken recipe, I added lemons to my diabetic pantry ingredients.


A low carb diet is the easiest way to manage diabetes.  Diabetics have the most success with low carb diet, this means less insulin and less counting of carbs.  Please don’t take the low carb as zero carbs.  You need some healthy carbs, but the breads, tortillas and other starchy carbs add up and raise your sugar levels quickly and it makes managing diabetes more difficult.



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