My Review of Olive Oil Sprayer – Cooking Spray Bottle Stainless Steel

My Review of Olive Oil Sprayer

This started because I was looking for a way to use a little less oil.  I looked around and found this olive oil sprayer, it’s a cooking spray bottle (stainless steel), which is part of the description on Amazon.  At the time I bought this one, there weren’t as many options as there are now.

Olive Oil Sprayer

Pros of the Olive Oil Sprayer

  • I can easily add just a little oil to a dish once it’s cooking
  • I can use my oil of choice, right now it’s avocado oil.  Most of the store bought cooking sprays are canola oil, which I tend to avoid.
  • To roast veggies in the oven,  I can spray the oil on the pan (instead of pouring).  I usually use avocado oil, so it’s a bit costly to just pour it onto the pan.
  • One the veggies are on the roasting pan, I can spray the tops of the veggies without having to use my hands and mix the veggies around (I don’t love oily hands)
  • It comes with a cleaning brush (I haven’t used this yet)

Cons of the Olive Oil Sprayer

  • It sprays more of a direct thin squirt than a mist.  I kind of wish it misted the oil so it spread it further.
  • It’s a pump, so each squirt requires a pump with my finger.  It’s not the end of the world, but it’s more work than using a store bought cooking spray.
  • I think there may be better ones out there, I’m going to start my search for one that mists the oil.

In conclusion, this Olive Oil Sprayer isn’t my absolute favorite, but I love that I can use my oil of choice, avocado oil, and not spill the whole bottle out:)

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