Diabetic Yeast Cure – Diabetes & Yeast – cure it naturally

I know most of the diabetic women out there know that yeast infections are more common in those of us with diabetes.  Of course yeast likes sugar and if our sugar levels are high, guess what??  Here comes the infection, ugh.  This is definitely not my favorite topic, but I have found a couple things that help cure it naturally!!

So, what do I do with these 4 products!?

  1. If the weather is getting warmer, meaning more sweating, put a couple drops of both oils on a wipe and after using the bathroom, wipe the entire private area.  The oils help to keep away the bad yeast.   You could use a wet washcloth too with the oils.
  2. If you feel like a yeast infection may be coming on, do the same with the wipes & oils.
  3. Also, if you feel a yeast infection coming on, add 2-3 drops to an empty gel cap and insert this into the vagina 2-3 times a day… I know this doesn’t sound pleasant, but the creams and other medicines are terrible!! I will warn you, this burns a little when the gel cap dissolves, but I swear it’s so much better than the creams. If this is too extreme for you, the oil books suggest adding the oils to a tampon and inserting, but I don’t think it’s as effective.  Again, this is from personal experience.
  4. Lastly, if not caught early, you may still need an over the counter medicine.

The best thing is to catch it early!! The yeast infections are so uncomfortable.

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