My Review of It Works Vegan Protein Powder

My Review of It Works Vegan Protein Powder

Here’s my favorite vegan protein powder.  I used to take a whey protein that I also liked:)  But, I changed it up because the whey contains dairy and sometimes dairy doesn’t sit that well with my stomach.

Check it out here: Protein Powder Link

Reasons I love this protein

  • 15 grams of plant based protein
  • 12 servings of fruit + veggies
  • Suppresses the hunger hormone, ghrelin to keep me full!!
  • I have used the greens by this company for 4+ years and love them too!!
  • I like the chocolate flavor best:) But the vanilla isn’t bad if you are going to add some fruit or other flavors.

My Review of It Works Vegan Protein Powder


  • I add the protein to 8 oz of water in a shaker and a couple ice cubes and shake!!
  • I like to drink it as breakfast or an after workout snack.
  • Sometimes I add a teaspoon of coconut oil too, it helps creamier.

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