Why Almond Flour for Diabetics is Good

Almond Flour For Diabetics

I received an email the other day about one of my recipes that contained almond flour.  The big question was why almond flour for diabetics is better than traditional wheat or white flour for diabetics.  This is such a great question and I figured I would talk a little bit about this because whenever a reader asks me a question, I’m sure other readers are wondering too.

Before I talk about the exact nutritional values of almond flour versus traditional wheat or white flour.  I want to talk about my theory on food.  I believe in eating real foods.  The more ingredients listed on a food item (usually packaged products), the further the food is from being a real food.  My goal is to eat meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts because they have the least added fillers.  I do buy a couple brands of crackers that are basically all seeds and nuts, and I feed my kids products like oatmeal (but again, I don’t buy the ones with extras in them).

The reason I don’t like a lot of other things added is that when I think about the diseases that we are facing today, and think back to previous generations that ate what they farmed and raised, we have MORE diseases.  So I just can’t stop to think that all these “extra ingredients” that someone decided were a good idea are actually NOT good for us.  Now, you may not fully agree and that’s okay, but for me, I want foods in a more natural form.

Getting back to the almond flour for diabetics, the only ingredient listed on the almond flour is: “Blanched almonds”.  To me that’s a win.  But then I look at the carbohydrates and it has 6g of carbs for 1/4 of a cup,  3 g of the carbs are fiber, so that’s a win too.

If we compare that to the flour I had in my pantry it has 22g of carbs for 1/4 of  cup.

For me, that’s a whole 1 unit of insulin more I’ll need if I eat the white flour.

A couple other things to consider:

  • The white flour spikes your blood sugar and the insulin of course will lower it.  But, I notice when I eat these products my blood glucose falls pretty quickly, more quickly than I like.
  • I also notice that I’m hungry again pretty quickly after the white flour product.  There’s science behind this, but it is not my expertise at all.
  • As a diabetic I like to eat foods that are filling AND low carb.  I’ve found the almond flour to do both. So almond flour for diabetics is a HUGE win for me:)
  • The almond flour tastes good in baked goods.  They have a nutty flavor and again are filling and nutritious.
  • Almond flour is more expensive, but you can buy it in larger quantities and it becomes more affordable than at the grocery store.

I keep the almond flour in my pantry and use it just like I would regular flour.

Here are the recipes I have on the blog that use almond flour:

Almond Flour Pizza Dough

Low Carb Pizza Dough

Low Carb Bagels

One other thing I make regularly that I don’t have on the blog yet, are almond flour chocolate chip cookies.   I will make these and take photos and add them soon, I promise:)


Low Carb Bagels Recipe - Almond flour for diabetics

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  • Beth

    Thank you so much! Just found out my hubby is type 2, and trying to help him eat well. This was helpful!! Thanks!

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