My Review of “The Paleo Way” Netflix Series

Is anyone else watching “The Paleo Way” on Netflix??  I have to start off by saying I’m really enjoying the show!!

I’m definitely not Paleo, but I do like the idea of cutting out processed grains (mostly because I’ve noticed, I gain weight when I eat them).  Plus I don’t like the roller coaster effect they cause on my blood glucose level.

The one deviation I have from Paleo is that I eat cheese.  I mean I really eat cheese, if you cut out most processed grains, it leaves meats, veggies, fruits & cheese!! These are really my main food groups.  I eat nuts too, but I don’t feel like nuts give me that full feeling.

Here’s what I love about “The Paleo Way”

  • The host, Pete Evans, visits all kinds of farms, coastal regions and other places that I WANT to visit.  They are just so beautiful!
  • Evans cooks a super easy meal at each location and it always looks DELICIOUS!!
  • When I’m watching the program, I don’t seem to miss any of the processed foods, he adds enough ingredients and deliciousness that I want to make the meal too!!
  • He uses the same ingredients over and over.  He uses similar spices in each recipe, he usually includes fresh herbs, turmeric, paprika, chili powders, sea salt, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.
  • Evans interviews farmers, doctors and other medical professionals about dealing with some illnesses using food as medicine.  This is super interesting to me, of course I take insulin because it’s required, but I love the idea of food as medicine.

The parts of “The Paleo Way” I don’t love:

  • Sometimes he uses expensive ingredients.  He goes and gets fresh seafood, meats directly from farmers & then he uses A LOT of spices, etc.
  • I’m not sure I can come up with anything else.

I’ve really enjoyed watching “The Paleo Way”.  I haven’t finished all the episodes yet because every time I watch an episode, I want to go recreate the recipe made on the program.

Here’s a link to “The Paleo Way”: https://thepaleoway.com

Also, here are a few Paleo resources if you are interested in learning more:)



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