My Review of the Ordinary Skincare Products for Acne and Aging

My Review of the Ordinary Skincare Products for Acne & Aging

This is not a specifically diabetic product, so if you only want diabetic products, just stop reading:)  The other day, one of my followers asked me what facial products I use because she said I didn’t have any wrinkles, which I definitely have a few!! Here are my favorite Ordinary skincare products for acne and aging.

Here’s the problem though, I’m 38 years old and I still have acne:( It’s literally the worst part of aging, I think I get more cystic painful pimples than I did in my teen years.  Because of this, I’m always trying new products because nothing seems to work all the time.

It seems if I’m at all stressed, I touch my face while working on my computer or my sugar levels jump around, I end up with a  couple pimples, ugh:(

This is when I started looking around at lots of products.  I have to say, I really like the Dr. Gross daily peel pads, but they are pricey!! Like $3 a piece… so I was searching around one day for an alternative and I found the Ordinary skincare products for acne and aging.  At first, I was super overwhelmed because they have so many products and I didn’t know which of the Ordinary Skincare products would work for acne and aging skin.  I ended up doing a google search and found a regime that seems to be working, thank you Ordinary Skincare for acne & aging products!!

The first product I tried was their peel, it’s stronger than the baby elephant one that I like (oh it’s pricey too).  So for about $10, I ordered the peel.  I totally love it!! I only use it for about 5 minutes, they say 5-10 minutes.  The reason I cut it short is the peel is a reddish color almost like the color of beets and it makes me nervous that my skin is turning red.  That is probably my least favorite part of the peel.  However, my skin is left soft, exfoliated and all around pretty great.

The second product I tried was the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, they call this a blemish treatment.  What I’ve noticed is it clears out congestion, helps pimples heal faster and makes my skin feel tight.  I couldn’t live without this product now:)

The next product I tried was the “Buffet” Multi-Technology Peptide Serum, I like this one on my forehead and around my eyes:)  I like this product, while I’m sure I could live without it and use another moisturizing product, but at the price point, this one is pretty good.

The last product I tried was the Salicylic Acid 2% Solution.  I like this one, but I definitely don’t like it as much as the Niacinamide.  I decided to keep the Salicylic acid product on hand for just blemishes if they pop up.

Lastly, the product I just ordered, that I can’t wait to try is the 100% Plant-Derived Squalane.  I ordered it for moisture because I was still using my normal moisturizer from the drugstore.  The funny part is the Squalane has a cult like following and is less expensive than my normal moisturizer, so I figured I’d give it a try. I’m really excited to try this one:)

All in all, I have to say I’m loving the Ordinary skincare products.  They are much more effective than tons of expensive products I have bought over the years.  My skin coloring looks better, any scarring from previous breakouts seem to have almost disappeared and wrinkles look pretty good.

Let me know what you think:)

PS one other thing I think has helped is my keto coffee every morning:) It has collagen in it and my skin seems to be a little more full of moisture:) Here’s the link for my Keto Coffee review.


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