My Review of The New Evolution Diet Book

My Review of the New Evolution Diet Book

I have to tell you, I absolutely love this book!! Even if you hate to read, read the first 20 pages of this book.  Arthur talks about how the body and insulin work and his experience with his diabetic wife & son.  I found this information so helpful!

Arthur helped his wife test foods and see how her blood glucose reacted to each food.  So if a food sky rocketed her blood glucose levels, they would elimate the food.  They determined that potatoes, yams and grains threw her sugars way up.  You’re probably thinking, well of course they did!! But, the point is what they ended up eating: mostly proteins & veggies and some fruits.  If you think about it, they were eating all real foods.   I’ve shaped my personal eating lifestyle around this concept.

My Favorite Parts of The New Evolution Diet

  • Arthur’s discussion of the brain vs. insulin – this is so interesting to me.  He talks about our brains wanting glucose, so it tells us we are hungry.  We eat some sort of a carb and then our body throws out insulin to digest the carb (in type 2 diabetics case the insulin isn’t absorbed and in type 1 diabetics we inject the insulin.  The process works the same for diabetics.)  Eventually our brains realize the glucose didn’t reach our brain and tells us we are hungry again.  He explains that this cycle has created obesity.  Makes sense, right?
  • Arthur talks about the foods that cause inflammation: grains, some nuts & dairy.  He mentions that this inflammation causes all kinds of ailments from anxiety to a reddish color to our skin.
  • Arthur has a different philosophy on exercise that I LOVE!! He talks about working out only about 1.5 hours a week, but making the workouts super intense:) I would absolutely rather run a few sprints than jog.  He also disputes that we need moderate cardio.  He states that it doesn’t create any additional muscle mass.
  • Arthur discusses the more muscle mass we have the longer we’ll live.  Which of course makes sense, but he encourages us to be as strong as possible by using weight training and proper nutrition.

My Less Favorite Thoughts in The New Evolution Diet

  • Dairy – I’m not cutting out cheese.  I feel like my diet is already pretty restricted by eating proteins and veggies most of the time with some fruits thrown in, that I like to eat cheese sticks and roll ups with cheese and meats.
  • Variety – He discusses creating variety in our lives when it comes to foods, exercise, pretty much everything.  I’m a super routine person which I believe helps me keep my blood glucose levels nice and low.  Changing things up so often would require me much more time than I’m willing to commit to variety for the sake of variety.

All in all, I think The New Evolution Diet book is a great read for diabetics becuase he discusses several workings in the body and creating insulin sensitivity – this is especially great for type 2 diabetics with insulin resistance.

Here’s the link to The New Evolution Diet book:

Here’s a Low Carb Bagels Recipe that I have on the blog:) It does include cheese!!

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