How Often Do You Check Your Blood Sugar – Blood Sugar Testing Schedule

One of the questions I get asked often is “How often do you check your blood sugar?” Along with that is “when do you check your blood sugar?”

I’ve been diabetic for 15 years and my routine has changed over the years based on my medicine, food, etc.  The biggest thing I’ve learned is I HAVE TO KNOW WHERE MY SUGARS ARE:) It’s by far the most important factor because then I can choose my foods according to my levels.  For example, if I’m a little low, I’ll have an apple, if I’m a little high, I’ll have a protein snack.

Also, after 15 years, I’ve learned a lot about my diabetes and how my body reacts to my usual foods.  Most of this was trial and error, but that’s why I share this info, to help diabetics live their healthiest:)  Without all the trial and error.

My basic schedule for blood sugar testing is as follows:

  • Wakeup – I need to know where I’m at to decide what I’ll eat and if I need insulin
  • Before lunch – I need to know where I’m at & decide on lunch:)
  • 2 hours post lunch – if I’ve eaten carbs (a sandwich or something) I need to make sure I estimated the carbs correctly.  I adjust my insulin 2 hours post meal (only a half dose if I’m higher than I’d like)
  • Before dinner – gotta know where I start before I eat any carbs
  • Bedtime – I want my sugars to be nice and low overnight (around 100), so I take insulin at bedtime if I’m higher than 150.

Of course, I check if I don’t feel well or if my sugars have been bouncing around more than I’d like.  Parties and eating out are the toughest on my sugar levels because it’s tough to estimate the carbs in foods I don’t eat super often.  Also, I probably eat more than usual at parties and restaurants, so I’ll check more often if I’ve eaten foods that aren’t my  normal foods.

It’s easier to estimate my sugar level with foods I eat everyday.

If you’re a new diabetic or new to the healthy diabetic, check out what it means to be a healthy diabetic (link).

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