Healthy Protein Bar – Diabetic Protein Bar – Favorite Protein Bar for Diabetes

I’m all about healthy, easy recipes!! But, also sometimes I’m on the run and I’m don’t have time to cook my own food, right?? Today, I’m talking about my current favorite protein bar for diabetes, we’ll call it a diabetic protein bar!!

Oh and the best part, it’s not pricey!! It’s quite affordable, I buy them in boxes of 5 and always have one in my purse.  (Well, except the other day, when I was left hungry and made some not great food choices…)  Better to have the healthy protein bar with me:)

My favorite flavor is the peanut butter creme, they make several flavors though, the vanilla creme is good and my husband likes the chocolate mint…

Healthy protein bar - diabetic protein bar- bar for diabetes

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