Diabetic Foot Products You NEED- My favorite foot products for Diabetes right now

As, Diabetics, We have all heard that we NEED to take good care of our feet, but what exactly does that mean?? Foot care for diabetes means several things:

  • Keeping our sugar levels as low as possible helps our feet (check out our recipes page for low-carb recipes)
  • Exercise is good for our circulation, thus good for our feet.
  • But, what else can we do??

Here’s what I’ve been doing for the past month or so… and my feet FEEL better.

      1. Soaking my feet in an epsom salt bath with 3 essential oils: Lavender, Lemon & Rosemary.  Lavender is calming, lemon helps remove toxins and rosemary is an uplifting oil.  (try the epsom salts and oils in a  full body bath too, it’s divine).
      2. Using a foot roller to help my sore feet, it helps get out any foot tension.
      3. Using lotion on my feet at night:)

    Here are the other products mentioned:

Favorite Diabetes Foot Products – Diabetic Foot Products

Here are my favorite products for my feet, right now. Of course, over time my diabetes care changes, but for now, I’m going to keep using these products:)

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