Best Blender for Diabetes – Diabetic Blender – Healthy Blender

You are probably thinking:
How is a blender the best blender for diabetes??

This blender can pretty much do anything!! I use my Blendtec blender at least once a day.

It is great for tons of low-carb options, such as:

  • Healthy Protein Shakes
  • Healthy Soups with tons of veggies all blended in
  • Smoothies with greens– it pulverizes all the veggies so you don’t see them:)
  • Sauces… you can hide the veggies in the sauces too!!
  • Batters with almond flour or other low carb flours:)

Seriously though, this blender has made so many healthy recipes that have fueled my body & not my sugars!! And the blender comes with a HUGE recipe book too!!

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