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Diabetes Grocery Shopping List

I often get asked “what food do you buy at the grocery store?”  I’ve been diabetic since 2002, and some of this has been trial and error.

My main goal is to feed my family delicious and low carb meals.  My husband and I both eat low carb (think lean protein and tons of veggies as our main meals) but we add carbs for our kiddos.  They are always running and jumping and need the extra carbs that adults really don’t (this is my opinion of course).

I have found that eating less processed carbs helps too.  The problem with cereal, crackers, breads and other store bought carbs is that they spike my blood sugar entirely too much. Then I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster: eat carbs, take insulin, feel sluggish (while my sugars are still high), then my sugars drop and sometimes too much and then I need to frantically eat carbs again.

As I described, my meals include a lean protein & tons of veggies!!

My basic shopping list

  • Lean proteins – chicken, ground turkey, tuna, eggs (WE EAT SO MANY EGGS).
  • Veggies – I feel like I go through phases of eating one veggie A LOT, then I switch it up.  Right now I’m loving brussel sprouts, broccoli, cucumbers & salads.  Buy what you like: peppers, tomatoes, carrots (in moderation), cauliflower, squash, zucchini, all greens.
  • Dairy – Cheeses, cottage cheese, plain greek yogurt, milk (for my kiddos) & nut milks with low sugar for me
  • Meats – I like uncured deli meats (but you may want to watch your sodium)
  • Frozen veggies – I love the riced cauliflower in the frozen department because then I don’t waste the fresh if I don’t cook it right away
  • Fruit – in limited quantities for me.  I like apples for low sugar levels. But i buy my family fruit.
  • Bread – I keep a low carb/ multi grain bread (12 g per slice) in the freezer for an open faced sandwich & for my kids lunches.


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