Healthy Camping Dinner – Diabetic One Pan Dinner

When I was trying to name this one, I kept thinking “tin foil dinners”, but that doesn’t sound very appetizing.  So, how about Healthy Camping Dinner, an easy diabetic one pan [...]


Healthy Chicken Fajitas – Diabetic Chicken Fajitas

I love dinners that can be baked in the oven on one pan.  Here’s the best one yet… Healthy Chicken Fajitas!!  As always, I cover my baking sheet in foil to save the mess & all the [...]


My Review of the Water Pik – Why Diabetics Need a Water Pik

My Review of the Water Pik Have you tried a Water Pik?  I have to tell you, this device has several models is about the best thing for oral hygiene. I’m sure you’ve read all about [...]


Baked Teriyaki Chicken Recipe – Healthy Teriyaki Chicken

What a great healthy baked teriyaki chicken recipe, perfect for dinner tonight!  Throw this recipe in the oven for 30 minutes, grab some veggies and dinner is ready!! It’s tough to find a [...]


Diabetic Hot Sauces – Hot Sauces for Diabetes

Diabetic Hot Sauces – Hot Sauces for Diabetes Here is a small list of my favorite diabetic hot sauces.  I’m calling these diabetic hot sauces because they are essentially zero carb [...]