21 day breakfast challenge


21 Day Breakfast Challenge – Join the Challenge Today! 

  • No more guessing about what to eat or wondering what is healthy
  • 21 Days of Healthy Diabetes Breakfasts
  • Simple, Easy & Healthy Recipes
  • Healthy Breakfasts you can make ahead for the whole week!!


  • The FB 21 Day Challenge Group!! Only open to only those participating in the 21 Day Breakfast Challenge.  (This is where the magic happens, others give tips and tricks to keeping your sugars as low as possible)


You’ve heard it a million times before…breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

But what happens when nothing either excites you or you simply don’t have the time to make all of the complicated options that are said to be diabetic friendly?

I’ve been there! In fact, it’s exactly why I knew I needed to simplify the process

for myself (and you too!) Which lead me to…. 

Why not make your breakfasts in batches to grab and go in the morning?

21 Days of Easy, Make-Ahead Breakfasts

You won’t have to think about what you’ll eat, just grab one and go.

Breakfast Recipes, you will LOVE!!

Not sure you’ll like what’s included?

Here’s 3 easy and delicious recipes waiting for you: 

  • Breakfast Bars – Without all the sugar in the store bought ones
  • Grab & Go Egg casserole 4 WAYS
  • Breakfast Chocolate Chip Cookies… yep… they are amazing!!

Healthy Diabetic Breakfast - diabetes breakfast

Why 21 Days of Breakfasts? 

21 Days is the amount of time it takes to create a new habit.

These breakfast recipes are meant to make once… and eat all week, keeping your life as simple as possible!!



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