1 Day Challenge – Start Living Your Healthiest Today


1 Day Diabetes Challenge – Join the Challenge Today:

  • No more guessing about what to eat or what is healthy
  • 1 Day of Healthy Diabetes Eating
  • Simple, Easy & Healthy Recipes
  • 1 Healthy Breakfast Recipe
  • 1 Healthy Lunch Recipe
  • 1 Healthy Dinner Recipe


  • Facebook Support Group (This is where the magic happens! This is a group open only to those participating in the 1 Day Challenge)
  • List of Healthy Diabetic Snacks to eat between meals!!


Want to live your healthiest?  Sign up for the 1 Day Challenge.

The Healthy Diabetic is all about quick, easy and healthy recipes!!  

The recipes included are:

  • Easy
  • Quick
  • Use very few ingredients
  • Keep you full
  • Keep your sugar levels low


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