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Diabetic Tips & Tricks: The Book is coming soon – Fall 2017!!!

The quick and dirty hacks to living with Diabetes.  It’s tough when you are diabetic and you want to live healthy, but many of the resources seem technical, take a lot of time or require huge changes.  Why not become healthier in easy small steps with recipes that are quick and simple?

This book is for new diabetics and long time diabetics looking to live your healthiest!  Is the doctor telling you that you need to do a better job with your diabetes? Are you wondering how to live healthier?

I remember thinking “HOW???” and not being sure how to do a better job with my diabetes. This book gives you the How-To manage diabetes in a quick read with real life tips from a real life diabetic. This book will help guide you the top 4 things to do to manage your diabetes. The bonus is a wonderful perspective on diabetes being a blessing to help you live your healthiest life.

As a diabetic for the last 14 years, I have tried to live the healthiest possible, but also need the healthy tips, tricks and recipes to fit into my busy life.  There’s no reason to kill yourself with too many ingredients or time consuming radical changes.  Healthy changes are one small change at a time.

Most of the recipes included in this book utiilize the same pantry ingredients.

This book is for:

  • Diabetics looking to live your healthiest life
  • Diabetics looking for SIMPLE TIPS to live healthier
  • Diabetics looking for REAL LIFE food to eat daily (EASY RECIPES)


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