Chicken Parmesan for Diabetes – Healthy Chicken Parmesan

Generally, if you think of chicken parmesan, you don’t think of the healthiest, diabetic friendly meal, right?  This is such an easy, healthy chicken parmesan recipe, you will want to make [...]


Fall Spinach Salad – Healthy Diabetic Salad

This one is a favorite healthy salad for diabetes!! I’m not the biggest salad fan, but I love adding my favorite ingredients to salads to make them more appealing for me:) This healthy [...]


Healthy Chicken Tenders – Diabetic Chicken Tenders

Healthy Chicken Tenders – Diabetic Chicken Tenders How delicious are chicken tenders from a restaurant and of course they are fried and use a bunch of carby breading:(  Why not make your [...]


Healthy Salad Dressing- Diabetic Quick Salad Dressing

Want a quick and easy Italian salad dressing that is diabetic friendly?  Here it is:)  This one is a staple in my house, it uses my staple ingredients: garlic powder, granulated onion and italian [...]