The Best Greens to Drink – Diabetic Greens

I was skeptical about sharing this type of product, so many people are trying to sell diabetics junk products all the time.  By no means am I saying, this cures diabetes or anything crazy like that.  I am saying that it gives me energy, feels good to drink right in the morning so I know I’m getting vitamins and the hydration my body needs.

After saying all that, here are some quick facts on these greens:

  • I drink this everyday, (well for the last 3 years or so) I personally like the berry flavor.
  • They also make orange & chocolate flavor (which I think is new)
  • I have them shipped to my house every month
  • My husband also drinks them, so I order the large size
  • I earn points for my orders, so then I order other products to try them out
  • I believe in this product or I wouldn’t take it everyday
  • Sometimes I have another serving in the afternoon if I’m feeling sluggish
  • I’ve tried a bunch of green drinks, most have a ton of sugar or if they don’t have sugar they taste TERRIBLE.
  • This one tastes good, my kiddos will even drink it:)

If you are looking for a great greens to drink, give this one a try:)  I believe it’s cheaper if you become a loyal customer.


Here’s the link:

I need to find the link to become a loyal customer.  I will update as soon as I find it:)


drink your greens


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