Fall Spinach Salad – Healthy Diabetic Salad

This one is a favorite healthy salad for diabetes!! I’m not the biggest salad fan, but I love adding my favorite ingredients to salads to make them more appealing for me:) This healthy [...]


Healthy Thanksgiving – Garlic Parmesan Mushrooms

Why not add tons of veggies to your Thanksgiving table?? What an easy way to make your Thanksgiving menu a healthy thanksgiving menu:) This recipe of course has cheese, but in my world, healthy [...]


Diabetic Drink – Healthy Beverage- Diabetic friendly beverage

No more soda for diabetics, those of us with diabetes, need to find a no sugar, healthy beverage. I like some diet sodas, but all the fake sugar makes me a little nervous. I like to eat and drink [...]


Healthy Crackers – Diabetic Crackers

Diabetic Crackers, can you believe it??Healthy crackers are the topic of today’s favorite diabetic thing!! I know eating low-carb sometimes isn’t the most fun, you miss that crunch in [...]


Healthy Camping Dinner – Diabetic One Pan Dinner

When I was trying to name this one, I kept thinking “tin foil dinners”, but that doesn’t sound very appetizing.  So, how about Healthy Camping Dinner, an easy diabetic one pan [...]